Intigris has all the knowledge and experience you need for the development of, Heroku, Mobile and AppExchange Apps on the Salesforce1 Platform.
If you need a business application outside the standard Salesforce Sales, Service and Marketing applications, Intigris and the Salesforce1 Platform can offer the solution! We develop applications for automating your business processes. This may involve new applications or migrating existing (custom) applications to the platform.

Salesforce is recognized, including by Gartner, as a leader in the Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) landscape. Especially with the combination of and Heroku, Salesforce has a very string offering in this field. Heroku provides the ability to rapidly develop applications and supports a wide variety of programming languages. Your Heroku applications also run completely in the cloud. Heroku has become an important part of our technology stack and we use it to develop your mobile applications, custom webservices and integrations with Salesforce.

Tablets and smartphones are playing an increasingly large role in our lives, replacing the desktop and laptop computers we used to use. That’s why businesses are increasingly choosing to develop their applications “mobile first”. Intigris designs and develops Mobile Apps for your clients and employees on the Salesforce1 Platform and helps you distribute these Apps in-house or via the App Stores.

In addition to developing your internal business applications on the Salesforce1 Platform, we also support you in the design, development and distribution of your own commercial applications on the AppExchange. Our own FieldBuddy solution for field service automation is a good example.