4 future-proof tips for your sales team

"What does the future of sales look like?" is a question that is difficult to answer with 100% certainty.

What we can say with certainty is that it is essential to prepare for the developments that different channels will go through. Although sales teams are not threatened with extinction with the new technologies, the traditional sales model has had its day. But do not be sad! We give your sales team four tips to future-proof your SME:

Speed and efficiency are essential

The sales process is getting more and more complicated. Consumers are increasingly better informed before they even make a purchase. Knowing this, you as a sales team must be on top of the process. Make sure not a day goes by without having responded to a question from a (potential) customer. Stay consistent with that.

''Make sure you can quickly demonstrate that your product or service adds value''

Many sales reps only have a potential customer's attention for a short period of time. The moment they walk around with a problem or challenge, they desperately need you. As a sales employee, this is often your only chance to tackle at least part of the problem right away.

So be prepared to ask probing questions. In this way you ensure that not only the challenge is quickly clarified, but also that you can quickly demonstrate that (and how) your product or service adds value. Get to the point quickly. Ask relevant questions, appropriate to the problem that arises and the specific challenges of (potential) customers.

Keep your (virtual) office door open, no matter what

Figures and sales go hand in hand. Besides numbers, the human element of sales is now even more important than ever before. An important part of this is internal consultation, whether your employees work at home or at the office. It ensures that the (management) team frees up the necessary time for each other. Remember at all times that it is the individual employees who together create the corporate culture! It is important to maintain regular contact so that everyone has a chance to be heard. Do this as often as possible.

Speed up digitization

Trust us: digitization is here to stay. It is literally the work of the future. People are more and more used to consuming things through digital channels. This will increase exponentially over the next five years. It is therefore of the utmost importance that your sales team is prepared for this. For example, you have to be sure that sales processes can be fully adapted to do business digitally. Various Salesforce solutions for SMEs can support you in this digitization.

Always schedule time to improve customer relationships

There are always plenty of opportunities to build and improve relationships, whether you're selling to existing customers or new prospects. Setting up an efficient sales process does not mean that you only focus on one customer and neglect the other. It means that you think about what (potential) customers need and ensure that they get answers faster. An efficient sales process means that you can invest more time and energy in building better (customer) relationships. Those relationships become your differentiator from your competitors. It is therefore important to focus on creating more trust and better relationships.


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