Our work & culture

Discover our unique culture: Embracing Ownership, Craftsmanship & Autonomy.

Every organization has its own culture, and we are no exception. It either resonates with you or doesn't. Often, you'll know right after your first visit. As you step into our place, you'll notice that everyone is extremely friendly and helpful. You'll feel at home immediately, without the need to adjust. Isn't that wonderful? However, this is just part of who we are. There's more we'd like to share with you. We define our identity through three pillars: Ownership, Craftsmanship, and Autonomy. These pillars reflect how we work and what we expect from one another.


At Intigris, gain swift responsibility for projects and clients. We believe you're capable of more than you think and taking the lead fosters rapid learning. Colleagues are there to assist, but embrace responsibility, high standards, and seek improvement.

Bring forth new ideas and be proactive in your approach.

We love our profession, finding joy in software and complex challenges. You'll collaborate with smart, dedicated colleagues, making work fulfilling. Though not mandatory, we expect you to master your craft, continuously developing your skills.

Stay curious and keep striving for improvements.

For us, Intigrants, autonomy is vital. Value your own space and standing within the organization. Embrace unique qualities, forming and expressing opinions. Learn from diverse people and involve clients in your vision, guiding them towards progress.

Trust in your vision and take others along with you.

THe intigris Formula

Our Concrete Beliefs.

We have captured our culture in a set of concrete beliefs, known as the Intigris formula, which is in English as our primary language.


Help each other
Don’t just do your own job, also make sure you help your colleagues doing theirs


Professional with a sense of humor
Take both your job and having fun seriously


Raise the bar
Always try to exceed our clients’ expectations, as happy customers drive our success


Embrace feedback
Be open to feedback and share yours, as it will help us grow in our job


Take ownership
Manage your projects, be pro-active and don’t wait for others to instruct you


Stay hungry
Always be curious and keep on looking for new ways to improve your skills


Speak your mind
Develop your own vision and be brave enough to share this at any time


A deal is a deal
We are trustworthy,do what we promise and expect others to do the same

Life is more than just work

Effort and enjoyment go hand in hand.

We love our work and take it seriously, but having fun is just as important to us. Additionally, we value our own time and hobbies because we know...there's more to life than work.

Our story

From passion for Technology to a Team of Smart People

Founder Hans Nieuwenhuis worked for about 10 years as a business consultant in the telecom industry after studying electrical engineering at Delft University of Technology. In 2009 it was time to do what he likes best. Driven by love for advanced technology, he founded his own company 'Intigris'. Hans had a clear goal in mind: helping organizations to improve through the use of smart software.Nowadays Intigris works with a team of smart consultants and developers from the Kraanspoor building on the creative NDSM wharf in Amsterdam-Noord.

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