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Our Benefits

What makes working at Intigris worthwhile?

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A Pleasant Working Environment

We offer an open and welcoming culture where you'll quickly feel at home. You'll experience a positive work atmosphere, with helpful colleagues who encourage you to be your authentic self. Our team members are diverse, and we embrace this diversity because it fosters fresh ideas. Bringing your unique self to the table is important to us.

Freedom and Ownership

We grant you significant autonomy – the freedom to be yourself and the latitude to shape your work as you see fit. The only expectation is that you deliver and remain accessible to your colleagues and clients. We believe that you'll be happier and more productive when you have full responsibility for your projects. This has been supported by research as well. However, it does mean that we expect you to take ownership, and we won't leave you to navigate this alone. We're here to support you every step of the way.

Learning Opportunities

We offer a steep learning curve, where you'll continuously challenge yourself with complex problems. Fortunately, you won't be tackling these challenges alone; you'll be working alongside some of the brightest software consultants in the field. Through projects, training sessions, and internal hackathons, you'll continue to develop your Salesforce skills. This will transform you into a true specialist. What you can learn in 2 years with us might take 5 years at other companies.

Making an Impact with Clients

We primarily work with small and medium-sized clients that are eager to move forward quickly. We don't deal with large corporations where projects often move at a slower pace. Our consultants find our projects rewarding because they often interact directly with the company's leadership and can truly make a difference. Instead of having a minor role at a major client, you'll have a major role at a smaller client. In this capacity, you can genuinely influence and impact your client's success.

Room for Enjoyment

We work hard, but there's also plenty of time and space for enjoyment. We have weekly gatherings and activities. Once a quarter, we hold a retrospective session where you can share your ideas about your work and about Intigris. Additionally, several times a year, we organize company parties or outings, where our CEO Hans, along with our COO Dick, takes on the DJ role, guiding the evening's entertainment.