7 Tips for CRM Solution Implementation

Implementing a CRM solution has a significant impact on your organization.

Implementing a CRM solution is essential if you aspire to elevate your business to new heights with CRM. A CRM system is crucial for maintaining high-quality customer relationships and, ultimately, driving commercial success. So, what should you consider during the implementation to ensure a smooth process? Drawing on our experience as a Salesforce implementation partner, we have compiled 7 valuable tips to help you get started. Take advantage of them!

Define the added value and stay focused on it

Choose a system based on the value it will bring to your business, considering the wide range of CRM systems available. Take the time to clearly define this value at the executive level. Questions you and your team can ask yourselves include: Are you aiming for continuity or growth? How do you define growth? Companies with growth ambitions benefit from Salesforce because it is a scalable system.

Select the implementation partner that suits your needs

When considering a CRM solution, you need to decide whether to implement it internally or outsource the implementation. This decision depends on whether you have sufficient technical expertise in-house because CRM implementation should not be underestimated. If you choose to work with an implementation partner, ensure they have industry-specific knowledge relevant to your business. Equally important is having a good rapport, as you will have close contact during the implementation.

Be realistic about setting timelines and budgets

Our advice is to allocate sufficient time for CRM implementation. It impacts the core processes of customer-centric organizations. Therefore, it is crucial to allocate the right resources and continuously evaluate whether the timelines are on track. If you are curious about our project approach, check out our project methodology.

Ensure user adoption of the system

CRM systems play a role in every aspect of customer contact within an organization. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that users embrace the system. One way to achieve this is by organizing training sessions for all relevant employees, preparing them for their roles within the system. We provide companies with training and adoption support.

Choose a flexible CRM solution

The flexibility and scalability of the CRM system are of great importance. Why? Because the market evolves rapidly, and consumer behavior constantly changes. The system should be able to adapt to this dynamism. It would be a waste if you had to switch to a different CRM system shortly after implementation because your current system lacks scalability.

Continuously develop your digital relationship management skills

We must not forget that Customer Relationship Management is a dynamic field that continuously evolves. It is essential to stay up to date with the latest CRM insights. This is also an advantage of working with an implementation partner: you gain a wealth of knowledge and a partner who is aware of the latest developments. Additionally, Salesforce organizes multiple (online) events and webinars that you can attend.

Start thinking about support and service

Support and service may not be the first things that come to mind when choosing a CRM system, but they are undoubtedly essential. After the implementation, the focus shifts to system continuity. The implementation is successfully completed, and the software functions well. However, if something goes wrong, it is crucial to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Therefore, ensure you have access to good support and service. When you choose an implementation partner, you can be assured of this. We always provide our customers with support and service.

We hope that our CRM implementation tips have provided you with valuable insights. Implementing a CRM system requires involvement and preparation from the entire team. Are you considering purchasing a CRM system like Salesforce? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. As an implementation partner, Intigris will inform, train, and support you throughout the implementation.


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