Intigris colleague Stefan Schellings obtains 6th Salesforce certificate

‍At Intigris we encourage our consultants to obtain as many Salesforce certifications as possible.

At Intigris, we highly prioritize our consultants' pursuit of Salesforce certifications to enhance their knowledge base. This not only provides them with valuable education but also enables them to deliver an exceptional customer experience by leveraging their newfound expertise.

Stefan Schellings

This includes our colleague Stefan Schellings, who recently passed his Advanced Aministrator. Not the 1st, not the 2nd, but the 6th certificate! A presentation to be proud of. With 6 certificates in his pocket, he has not finished learning as far as Salesforce is concerned. We asked him about his certificates and future goals.

It gives the customers confidence that they are being helped by someone who has experience with the platform

Stefan has now been working with Salesforce for over 5 years. In the meantime he has learned a lot. He started with an Admin certificate when he started and has achieved Service Cloud Consultant, Field Service Consultant, Platform App Builder and Sales Cloud Consultant in his first six months. ''I notice that I can come up with more and more efficient solutions because I have more ready knowledge about the possibilities and limits of Salesforce. By obtaining certificates, that knowledge and experience is made tangible'' says Stefan.

An advantage for our customers

Having certificates is important, also for our customers: It gives customers confidence that they are being helped by someone who has experience with the platform. The Advanced Administrator certificate also brings important skills, as needed for different types of problems. The certificate creates understanding of all forms of automation, including appropriate access levels for (groups of) users.

Certificates in the future

After obtaining his 6th certificate, there are other certificates on his wish list. Two of them are Experience Cloud Consultant and CPQ Specialist. The first helps companies to share data with their customers in a transparent way, which benefits the customer relationship. It ensures that customers have ownership of their own data.
The second stands for Configure-Price-Quote. This allows you to configure products and prepare quotations based on that. Stefan says: “I love working out calculation models! CPQ provides a framework to implement complex product and pricing logic in a standardized system. A complex system, so all the more what I like”.

Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certificate of Stefan Schellings