Consultant Ronny reflects on his recent tenure at Intigris

How his career as a Salesforce Consultant began.

Two years ago, Ronny Blom started as a Salesforce Consultant at Intigris. But how did his career as a Salesforce Consultant begin? And, more importantly, how does he feel about working at Intigris? Read all about it in this blog post.

Getting started with Salesforce

When Ronny was involved with various IT systems in his previous job, he realized that he derived a lot of pleasure from it. Soon, Salesforce crossed his path: "I discovered that Salesforce is a vast ecosystem and that you never really stop learning. That immediately appealed to me!"

He decided to fully immerse himself in Salesforce but faced the challenge of choosing the best possible approach. "I searched for Salesforce traineeships, but unfortunately, there weren't any available. Nowadays, Intigris does offer the 'Intigris Salesforce Academy' (ISA)," he says. Fortunately, Ronny managed to independently obtain the Salesforce Administrator, Advanced Admin, and Platform App Builder certifications in a short period. With those certificates in hand, he decided it was time to put his knowledge into practice.

"I was really excited to finally apply my theoretical knowledge in practice."

Working at Intigris

Soon after obtaining the certifications, Intigris came into the picture. He shares his thoughts: "I was very pleased that my lack of practical experience was not a major problem. Motivation and a high level of interest were what mattered. Through a case study, I was able to demonstrate that I had enough knowledge to start working within the Salesforce ecosystem. I was really excited to finally apply my theoretical knowledge in practice. Ronny was immediately assigned to projects, starting with a supportive role. "This way, I was able to learn a great deal from the consultant who took me under their wing. They assessed well what kind of configuration work I could handle. Soon, more significant and important tasks came my way. The pace was quite fast, and I was constantly challenged." "I enjoy interacting with clients and brainstorming the best possible solutions."

Looking back on the past years

Ronny feels good in his role as a Salesforce consultant. "For now, I'm still heavily involved in configuration work, which offers a tremendous amount to learn," he says. Currently, he is primarily engaged in long-term projects. "It's varied work, and that appeals to me. I enjoy interacting with clients and brainstorming the best possible solutions. Lately, I've also been involved in support. It presents different types of challenges, which are also very enlightening. It's nice to have some variety!" he explains.

Plans for the coming year

"I consider continuous self-improvement important. It's important for both myself and Intigris," he continues. Recently, he attended a two-day training for Service Cloud Consultant. That's the first certification he wants to obtain, followed by Sales Cloud. "Ultimately, as a consultant, I want to move towards functioning as a Lead Consultant. That means taking on more tasks beyond configuration. It's a great goal for the near future!" Ronny concludes.