FlexConnect welcomes CBEE as a reseller

CBEE Remarkable FlexConnect recently became a partner! They will work as a reseller of FlexConnect.

The company is part of CBEE Smart People, which also includes CBEE Clever. CBEE Clever is an Exact Online partner. We spoke to Chris Boonstra (CBEE) and Camille Versteeg (FlexConnect) about this collaboration.

Chris Boonstra (CBEE)
“With the help of the FlexConnect app, we can help companies link their accounting and Salesforce.” 

The collaboration

From now on, CBEE Remarkable is a reseller of FlexConnect: they will therefore carry out the implementation of FlexConnect for their customers themselves. With FlexConnect, CBEE now has access to extensive knowledge. Chris says: “Using the FlexConnect app, we can help companies link their accounting and Salesforce. This is possible thanks to Intigris, the builder of the app." CBEE has access to a flexible integration tool between Exact Online and Salesforce through FlexConnect, with which they can make their customers happy. They still lacked that integration in their own services. Camille from FlexConnect adds: “We are only too happy to support partners who speak to their own customers. This allows them to keep the approach as personal as possible. That is a very efficient way of working”.

Camille Versteeg (FlexConnect)
''CBEE will not have to say 'no' quickly, because of the possibilities of FlexConnect''.

About FlexConnect

FlexConnect is an integration tool developed by Intigris that connects widely used SMB financial systems with Salesforce. CBEE was looking for a smart solution to link Salesforce and Exact Online. They were able to reach us via the Exact Online store, where we have a link. FlexConnect came out as the best option for them. CBEE will not have to say 'no' quickly, because of the many possibilities of FlexConnect. "We are therefore very much looking forward to making many customers happy with good integrations!" Camille says.

We built our solutions by getting to know our customers and their expectations of our product. We know how to analyze this information and adapt our offerings to changing market needs. FlexConnect is happy to help Salesforce partners or companies that would like to integrate their ERP package in a flexible way. Decide for yourself what goes from A to B and vice versa!