Intigris expands knowledge with Salesforce certifications

The Intigris team consistently updates and expands their knowledge, earning Salesforce certificates regularly.

The employees at Intigris regularly update their knowledge and acquire Salesforce certifications. Lucas van der Ploeg, a Technical Salesforce Consultant, has recently achieved two more certifications, bringing his total to five Salesforce certificates. Kid Jansen, another Technical Salesforce Consultant, has earned nine additional certificates in two months. He now holds a total of 16 certifications, including Application Architect and System Architect. Esther Drieënhuizen, who joined as a Salesforce Consultant on February 26, has earned her first certification and is now a Certified Administrator as of April. Volodymyr 'Vova' Antoniuk has successfully passed the Platform Developer I exam. Dick and Hans Nieuwenhuis both earned the Sales Cloud Consultant certificate at the end of April. We view each certification as a valuable addition to our services and a milestone we're proud of.

Intigris is a Salesforce partner

Salesforce is a global leader in CRM, providing cloud-based applications for sales, services, and marketing among others. Salesforce collaborates with customers and partners to roll out its software, and Intigris is one of those partners. Developers and Consultants at Intigris all possess one or more Salesforce certificates. What are the benefits of Salesforce certifications?

Expanding skills

Salesforce offers various courses for administrators, consultants, developers, and architects. Studying for the exam introduces you to new knowledge and helps you develop new expertise that is valuable in the field. Salesforce is a product with vast possibilities that continues to evolve. Hence, going through a course and exam keeps you updated on the latest advancements. Even while working with Salesforce daily, employees still discover new functionalities within the product.

Complex challenges are no problem

Salesforce certificates prove that you have knowledge across different business sectors (such as service, sales, and marketing) and can translate this knowledge into a technical implementation. Experience and knowledge contribute to an individual's or a company's expertise. This expert role is crucial, as organizations prefer to work with experts.

Competitive advantage

Compared to an organization with uncertified employees, one with certified employees has a competitive advantage. The most experienced organization is selected based on cost, skill, and knowledge. If a prospect becomes known to Salesforce and it's not from a partner, Salesforce will look at the partner's track record and certifications. They will consider which partner has done projects of similar size in the same industry, and how those partners are rated. Often, a Salesforce solution architect will also review the opportunity and devise the implementation strategy, thereafter examining the necessary skills for that project. Then, they'll check which partners have employees with certifications that confirm the required skills.