Manuel Lopez Lires joins Intigris team as Chief Operating Officer

To meet the growing demand from clients, the Amsterdam-based software company Intigris has brought on Manuel Lopez Lires as its Chief Operating Officer.

Previous Tenure at Gen25

Lopez Lires' journey is marked by an impressive span of nearly a decade at Gen25, a time during which he amassed significant knowledge and refined his skills within the Salesforce ecosystem. This experience forms a solid foundation for his present role and will undoubtedly be beneficial to Intigris.

New Role as COO at Intigris

Starting from May 1, 2018, Lires took up the mantle of COO at Intigris. In this role, he holds the pivotal responsibility of guiding and overseeing the company's operational activities, a task he has accepted with aplomb.

Previous Roles and Achievements

His illustrious career includes notable stints as the Chief Commercial Officer and Partner at Gen25. During this time, he played a key role in directing the sales of Salesforce solutions, bringing his expertise to bear on every deal. His work involved collaboration with renowned clients, some of which are household names like Suitsupply, Bugaboo, Omoda, and PostNL.

Current Responsibilities at Intigris

Now at Intigris, Lopez Lires' role is multi-faceted. He is focused on optimizing operational processes, a task that requires both a deep understanding of the industry and a knack for innovation. Furthermore, he plays a crucial role in supporting CEO Hans Nieuwenhuis, serving as a strong pillar within the leadership team.

Significance of His Appointment

His appointment to COO at Intigris signifies more than a new face in the company's leadership. It represents Intigris' commitment to bolstering its operations, an essential step in the company's growth strategy. Additionally, it signifies the company's intent to propel growth in the market, a move that not only benefits Intigris but also positively impacts the broader industry.

Commitment to Client Value and Service

The ultimate aim, however, remains steadfast: to deliver unmatched value and service to its clients. With Lopez Lires on board, Intigris is poised to enhance its offerings, ensuring that its clients always receive the best possible service. This commitment to excellence underlines the company's vision and mission, reinforcing its position in the market and showcasing its dedication to its clientele.