Salesforce Consultant Mike Hausiel switches Accenture for Intigris

Mike Hausiel joined Intigris as a Salesforce Consultant on September 1, 2022, seeking new opportunities.

Mike has gained extensive Salesforce experience at a large consulting firm but was ready for something new! As a born and raised Almere resident, he enthusiastically joined Intigris. He worked as a Salesforce Consultant for various projects in his previous role. The born and raised ‘Almeerder’ started at Intigris full of enthusiasm. In his previous job, he worked as a Salesforce Consultant on projects for an extended period of time at one client. He kind of became part of the clients’ team. He has worked more often for large companies, but increasingly began to see the charm of a boutique.

The move to Intigris

Mike heard enthusiastic stories about working at Intigris and its team. Mike became curious: ”The way of working appealed to me. It immediately felt like there is enough challenge and room to learn at Intigris. Besides, I find it interesting to work for several projects at once, instead of for one client. It’s a different way of working, something I was looking for.”, he says.

Working at Intigris

Currently, Mike feels more part of a team than before. ‘’I like it a lot more to work with colleagues from your own team. It’s clear to me that Intigris takes good care of its employees, which I think is important 😉. To sum it up, why I chose Intigris is the company culture, challenge in work and working with project and time management”.

Welcome to the team Mike! Good to have you on board.