Salesforce Partner Intigris attracts Indian IT talent

Due to the shortage of IT professionals in the Dutch market, Amsterdam-based software company Intigris often looks for IT talent beyond its borders.

Since October 2018, Akhil Anil from India has joined the development team at Intigris. With prior experience as an IT Analyst and System Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services across Finland, Mumbai, and New York, Anil brings a diverse background to the table. In his new role at Intigris, he will be instrumental in designing features for future releases of the Field Service solution, FieldBuddy. Furthermore, he will also develop customized functionalities for Intigris clients.

The IT labor market is increasingly competitive, making employee recruitment and retention challenging. Intigris CEO, Hans Nieuwenhuis, states, "These developments necessitate a different approach to the recruitment and selection of new employees. We no longer look only within the borders of the Netherlands. We often encounter qualified individuals with Salesforce expertise outside our country who are willing to relocate for work opportunities."

Akhil Anil started at Intigris, the Amsterdam-based software company, on October 1, 2018. Though he was already working in Europe, he left a position in Finland to take on this new challenge in the Netherlands. Nieuwenhuis praises Anil, saying, "His Salesforce knowledge is extensive. He established the Mumbai Salesforce Developers Group two years ago. In his spare time, he was the Community Leader of the Salesforce Success Community and an Active Contributor to the Salesforce Developer Community for three years. He is undoubtedly a terrific addition to our team."

At Intigris, Akhil's focus lies in developing features in Salesforce that didn't exist before together with the team of front-end and back-end developers.