Concordia de Keizer Enhances Business Processes with Salesforce Partner Intigris

Concordia de Keizer, an internationally operating insurance broker based in Rotterdam, recognized the need to streamline their business processes and sought the expertise of Salesforce partner Intigris in Amsterdam. By implementing a Salesforce solution, they aimed to achieve a comprehensive overview of potential clients and optimize their sales strategies. Additionally, the integration of offline and online information posed a significant challenge for the company. The collaboration with Intigris allowed Concordia de Keizer to successfully address these challenges and move towards human digitalization.

Concordia de Keizer Case

The Challenge

Integrating Offline and Online Information

One of the key challenges faced by Concordia de Keizer was integrating offline and online information seamlessly. They recognized the importance of bridging the gap between their traditional, human-centered approach as a trusted insurance broker and the growing digital possibilities offered by Salesforce. The challenge lay in maintaining their personalized and professional touch while leveraging the benefits of digitalization to enhance their operations.

The Requirements

A Comprehensive Overview for Sales Optimization

Concordia de Keizer understood that a comprehensive overview of potential clients was crucial to optimize their sales strategies and deliver personalized services. They sought a solution that would provide a holistic view of each client's needs, including insights into the agreements made, touchpoints across various channels, and a deep understanding of their unique situations. This information would empower their sales teams to offer targeted advice and relevant information, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and business growth.

The Solution

Collaborating with Intigris to Achieve Human Digitalization

To address their challenges, Concordia de Keizer entered into a collaborative partnership with Intigris. With their extensive experience in Salesforce and CRM software, Intigris understood the unique needs of Concordia de Keizer and designed a customized Salesforce solution. This solution enabled the optimization of all touchpoints related to sales, ensuring that customers and prospects received personalized and relevant information tailored to their specific requirements.

Through their collaboration with Intigris, Concordia de Keizer successfully achieved human digitalization – combining the expertise of their insurance professionals with the digital capabilities of Salesforce. The Salesforce solution facilitated seamless integration between offline and online information, enabling Concordia de Keizer to deliver personalized advice, streamline sales processes, and enhance customer experiences.

By leveraging Salesforce's comprehensive customer relationship management functionalities, Concordia de Keizer gained a competitive advantage in the insurance industry. The implementation of the Salesforce solution allowed them to centralize client information, automate workflows, and improve communication across their organization. This comprehensive overview of clients and streamlined processes translated into improved sales performance, enhanced customer satisfaction, and greater business success.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Concordia de Keizer and Intigris enabled the successful implementation of a tailored Salesforce solution that streamlined their business processes and enhanced sales optimization. By integrating offline and online information seamlessly, Concordia de Keizer achieved human digitalization, combining the best of both worlds to deliver personalized, professional, and digitally enhanced services to their clients.

The Solution

Streamlining Business Processes with Salesforce

Concordia de Keizer, a renowned specialist in risk management and insurance brokerage, recognized the need to optimize their business processes for better sales performance. To achieve this, they turned to Intigris, a trusted Salesforce partner based in Amsterdam, known for their expertise in CRM software. By implementing a tailored Salesforce solution, Concordia de Keizer streamlined their operations and gain a competitive edge in the industry.