Salesforce with for a Complete Customer View

Intigris, in partnership with and FD Mediagroep, has developed an app that enriches Salesforce with up-to-date business information. This powerful plug-in provides valuable insights on two million organizations in the Netherlands, aligning with Intigris' vision of smarter business operations.

Companyinfo Case

The Challenge

Instant Access to Customer Data

The app streamlines the process of inputting customer information, including company data, credit information, leads, and addresses, whether they are from the Netherlands or anywhere else in the world. All this customer information is seamlessly added to Salesforce through the app.

Benefits of the App

Complete Customer View

Customer data is comprehensive, accurate, and automatically updated, preventing duplicate records.

Increased Revenue

The app enables the importation of leads in Salesforce based on characteristics such as industry, postal code, or number of employees, leading to potential revenue growth.

Early Risk Awareness

Risks associated with new customers from different countries are visible upfront. Negative payment behavior, insolvency filings, or bankruptcy declarations are instantly accessible.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Lastly, the app allows for better customer service by ensuring that customer information is well-maintained, facilitating smoother relationship management.