Salesforce Key to EVBox's Growth Strategy

EVBox, founded in 2010, develops electric vehicle charging stations. Salesforce implementation was crucial for EVBox's growth. Partnering with Intigris, EVBox integrated Salesforce and now has over 60,000 charging points across 45 countries. With a workforce of 250 employees in 9 countries, EVBox is driving the global transition to electric mobility.

EVBox Case

The Challenge

Adapting to Growth with a Flexible CRM System

EVBox, a leading developer of electric vehicle charging stations, was founded in Amsterdam in 2010 when electric vehicles and charging infrastructure were still in their nascent stages. As the company experienced rapid growth, it became clear that their existing CRM system was hindering their scalability. Employees were frustrated by the system's limitations, and it couldn't integrate with their back-office system, Exact Globe. EVBox recognized the need for a flexible CRM solution that could adapt to their evolving processes and support their anticipated growth.

The Solution

Implementing Salesforce with Intigris

EVBox partnered with Salesforce implementation specialist Intigris to address their CRM challenges. In January 2017, Intigris began the implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, along with the integration of Exact Globe. After the initial implementation, Intigris made several customizations to enhance flexibility and scalability based on EVBox's requirements. Additionally, starting from September 2018, they implemented a partner community to further streamline operations. Salesforce provided EVBox with a comprehensive overview of customer interactions, leading to improved customer satisfaction. Gert-Jan Geerinckx, a representative from EVBox, highlighted their collaboration with Intigris: "We chose Intigris for their expertise in Sales and Service Cloud and their experience in system integrations, including Exact Globe. We were also looking for a partner who could analyze our business processes from a holistic perspective and apply them within the Salesforce ecosystem. Together, we are building scalable systems and processes that accelerate sustainable mobility."

Future Plans

Expanding Focus and Enhancing Customer Experience

EVBox envisions expanding their focus from B2C to B2B by empowering partners to place orders independently, significantly increasing scalability. They also plan to implement Configure Price Quote (CPQ) functionality to streamline their processes further. Geerinckx emphasized the role of Salesforce and Intigris in their growth journey: "Thanks to Salesforce and Intigris' expertise, despite our exceptional growth, we now have a clear overview of all customer interactions and processes."

In conclusion, the implementation of Salesforce in collaboration with Intigris has been instrumental in EVBox's growth trajectory. By overcoming their CRM challenges and adopting a flexible and scalable solution, EVBox gained a comprehensive view of customer interactions and streamlined their business processes. As they expand their focus and continue to enhance their customer experience, EVBox remains committed to accelerating sustainable mobility with the help of Salesforce and their partnership with Intigris.