Intigris supports Shutterkoning in automating sales and service processes

We have implemented several Salesforce Clouds for Shutterkoning. They specialize in custom wooden shutters and wooden blinds in the Netherlands and Belgium. Shutterkoning imports the shutters it sells from its own factory. Customers therefore buy directly from the importer. No unnecessary and cost-increasing intermediaries.

Shutterkoning Case

The Challenge

Shutterkoning's Quest for a Tailor-Made CRM Solution

Shutterkoning, having utilized the BKC CRM solution, recognized the need for a more sustainable long-term option. With their remarkable growth in recent years, the decision was clear – they required a CRM solution specifically tailored to their unique requirements. Dimitrie from Shutterkoning explains, "We wanted a solution that truly fits our needs."

Partnering with Intigris proved instrumental in their pursuit of a transformative CRM solution. Through a collaborative approach, Shutterkoning embarked on a journey to unlock their full potential.

Shutterkoning Salesforce Case

"Intigris instilled immediate confidence in us"

The Requirements

Tailored Solutions for Shutterkoning's Success

Shutterkoning faced the decision of selecting between Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce for their CRM solution. They had specific requirements that both platforms could offer. It was crucial for Shutterkoning to have a customizable solution that could adapt to their unique processes. Additionally, they had future plans to digitize their field service operations using the new CRM solution.

Ultimately, Salesforce's approach and their demo environment resonated more with Shutterkoning. "With Salesforce, you can easily make customizations yourself, which greatly appealed to us," explains Dimitrie. Intigris was recommended as the implementation partner, and it quickly became evident that they possessed extensive experience in digital planning and field service. This instilled confidence in Shutterkoning. Dimitrie adds, "We had more trust in their expertise."

"With Salesforce, we can accommodate both current and future growth."

The Solution

Streamlined Implementation for Enhanced Efficiency

After selecting Salesforce and partnering with Intigris, the implementation of various Salesforce solutions was set in motion. This was carried out through different sprints. "As a (still) relatively small company, decisions can be made quickly, and adjustments can be implemented promptly," shares Dimitrie. Shutterkoning consciously opted for a comprehensive combination of implementations. "On one hand, you want a professional solution for your employees, enabling them to work efficiently. It needs to be future-proof and able to grow alongside us. On the other hand, you want to provide a professional experience to your customers," explains Dimitrie. "With Salesforce, we can accommodate both current and future growth."

Transitioning to a new CRM system brings about changes, but for Shutterkoning, the transition was relatively smooth. "From the beginning, we involved the team. The transition happened gradually, and I believe that's important for the team, especially for those who will ultimately be using it," Dimitrie emphasizes.

The products/solutions that were implemented:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Field Service
  • Exact Online Integration

The Results

Maximizing Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

Internal Operations

Firstly, Shutterkoning experiences improved follow-up on opportunities, resulting in a 5% higher conversion rate from appointments to orders. Additionally, there is a significant reduction in administrative burden, with a remarkable 30% decrease in the order processing process. This saves them valuable time! They can also gather more information about their sales and service processes from Salesforce reports. "And thanks to that information, there is a strong improvement in quality. There are fewer errors in order processing and information provision to technicians," Dimitrie explains.

Field Operations

They also save time in the work order process. There is a 90% reduction in manual creation of paper work orders. This results in a time-saving of 2 hours per day for each technician. Technicians now have the system on their iPads, allowing them to have all important documents at hand when they go on-site. This professionalism contributes to an enhanced customer experience.