StyleShoots has chosen Intigris to enhance its service

We have had the opportunity to implement Salesforce Service Cloud for StyleShoots, an international technology company that specializes in developing photo and video automation tools for fashion-related e-commerce businesses. After the implementation, we spoke with Tom de Regt (Interim COO), Vince Bolmeijer (Head of Service & Support), and Christa Ubbens (Business Developer) to gather their insights and experiences throughout the process.

Styleshoots Case

The Challenge

Optimizing Sales and Service Capabilities

StyleShoots, with its large equipment, often faced delays of several days in terms of delivery and installation. Over time, it became apparent that an increasing number of service agreements were being sold, leading to a growing need for a unified customer view. StyleShoots aimed to gain a 360-degree understanding of their customers' needs to strengthen their service and sales capabilities. While StyleShoots was already using Salesforce, they sought a company that could help optimize their sales environment. Previously, StyleShoots utilized "Freshdesk" as their service solution. Tom (Interim COO) explains, "It worked well for us, but we encountered some complexity." StyleShoots had partners in both England and America who needed access to the system. When they considered integration, things became complicated. The previous solution had become inadequate for StyleShoots, leading them to search for a unified platform that could offer the same benefits as their previous solution while allowing for further expansion. Thus, the quest for a service solution began.

Styleshoots Salesforce Case

The Requirements

Selecting the Right Service Solution for StyleShoots

One of the requirements was that the solution should enable the integration of StyleShoots' assets with the new service system. Previously, these assets were tracked using Google Sheets. "That no longer worked for us," says Tom. "Before looking for an alternative solution, we carefully examined several internal processes," explains Tom. To make the right choice for a new service solution, StyleShoots invited multiple companies to present their offerings based on the same case. Christa elaborates, "We divided this selection process into phases." Ultimately, two companies remained, and Intigris was one of them. This allowed StyleShoots to conduct detailed assessments and make an informed decision. The choice of Intigris was largely based on their confidence in the company and the deep knowledge they demonstrated in Salesforce. Christa states, "Intigris gave us a sense of trust. Their extensive knowledge of Salesforce solidified our decision." Vince agrees, "Intigris presented compelling stories and was truly convincing. When it comes to making the final decision, the feeling about a company weighs heavily." StyleShoots also chose Intigris for its extensive experience in Field Service, which will be valuable for their future needs. Christa explains, "Currently, we still use worksheets, and a Field Service solution would be well-suited for our requirements."

The Results

The journey toward optimal service improvement for StyleShoots has begun. Tom, Vince, and Christa are satisfied with the implementation of Service Cloud. They have already captured significant amounts of data for various project phases to ensure smooth progression. Christa emphasizes, "We really needed a new service solution, whether it was during the pandemic or not." StyleShoots has noticed a significant difference between the old and new solutions. Vince explains, "Our primary focus is to respond to customers as quickly as possible and resolve their issues. With Service Cloud, that is more than achievable." Another advantage is that StyleShoots' American partner can easily access the system (Service Cloud) compared to the previous solution.

Vince and Christa have had a positive experience collaborating with Intigris. "I had a lot of contact with Sjaak," says Christa. "It was a pleasant collaboration. Whenever I encountered any issues, I could simply message Sjaak, and he would respond quickly, seeking immediate solutions. There was always a solution in sight. I found the collaboration to be clear, practical, and enjoyable!" Sjaak also agrees with Vince and Christa's sentiments, stating, "When I first started at Intigris, I immediately began working for StyleShoots. From the beginning, they made it clear what needed to be done and what didn't, allowing me to prioritize tasks right away. I enjoyed working with them; we had productive discussions, and communication was smooth. I appreciated that Christa and Vince would ask me about anything they were uncertain about or things they didn't understand."

The Future

Empowering the Business with Seamless Integration

As StyleShoots embarks on the second phase of the implementation project, we are excited to announce our commitment to achieving even greater integration with other systems. With the completion of the first phase, we are ready to take the next step towards a more interconnected future. Vince highlights the pending integrations with enthusiasm. "In the next phase, we eagerly anticipate further integration with other systems," he shares. We are determined to maximize the potential of our service solution and ensure it truly aligns with our needs. Christa expresses her satisfaction with the progress made. "We have certainly achieved what we were looking for. We now have a service solution that suits us," she affirms. Looking ahead, she emphasizes the continuous drive for integration, recognizing the untapped potential it holds for the business. At StyleShoots, our goal is to establish a seamless information flow through integration, elevating the power of our system. That vision resonates with Vince, who envisions a future where every piece of information is stored within the system, providing access to all the Styleshoots colleagues. This enables us to fully leverage the capabilities of Service Cloud and Salesforce as a unified force.