Elevated Integration: Xelion Telephony in Salesforce

Intigris and Xelion have joined forces to create an extensive integration between Salesforce and the Xelion VoIP platform. This collaboration harnesses the power of Xelion and Salesforce to empower sales and service teams with cutting-edge tools for enhanced customer assistance.

Xelion Case

The Challenge

Integrating Xelion Telephony with Salesforce

Integrating telephony systems with CRM platforms has become increasingly important for organizations seeking to optimize their sales and service processes. While Xelion, the leading VoIP platform in the Netherlands, already offers some integration with Salesforce, there was a growing demand for a more extensive and robust solution. Existing options on the Salesforce AppExchange either lacked functionality or did not cater specifically to the European market.

The Solution

Intigris and Xelion Partnership

Intigris, a trusted Salesforce partner with a focus on intelligent business solutions, recognized the need for a comprehensive integration between Salesforce and a mature VoIP platform like Xelion. In collaboration with Xelion, they embarked on a strategic partnership to develop a highly advanced integration between the Xelion VoIP platform and Salesforce. This integration would leverage the strengths of both platforms and provide sales and service professionals with modern tools to enhance customer assistance and streamline business processes.

The Result

Optimized Sales and Service Operations

The result of the Intigris and Xelion partnership is a powerful integration that empowers organizations to achieve optimized sales and service operations. With seamless connectivity between Xelion's VoIP platform and Salesforce, teams can benefit from real-time access to customer data and telephony functionalities within their CRM system. This comprehensive integration enhances efficiency, eliminates manual data entry, prevents duplicate records, and enables better customer interactions.

The new Salesforce CTI integration, available in the Xelion marketplace, offers a wide range of functionalities. The integration is expected to be accessible to customers starting from April, with immediate availability in the Netherlands, England, and Germany. Embrace this transformative solution to revolutionize your telephony and CRM integration, and unlock the full potential of your sales and service teams.