What is an Omni-Experience Strategy for the manufacturing industry?

As consumers increasingly discover the positives of various technological innovations, the market is wide open for companies to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Despite the increased investments of the manufacturing sector, customer experience has often traditionally remained the stepchild of marketing. A shame if you ask us! In this blog we explain what an Omni-Experience strategy is and how companies in the manufacturing industry can create it.

Omni Experience explained

Omni-experience is the term used to describe a process of more effectively detecting and responding to customer needs by leveraging emerging technologies. Examples include artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and personalization. With Omni-experience, your customer relationships can be transformed and improved in such a way that your company is one step ahead of the competition. Companies that fail to respond to this challenge risk losing customers, falling sales and slowing growth. In addition, they also miss the opportunity to get to know their customers better. Ultimately, they will struggle to provide an all-round customized experience for the customer. All outcomes that you do not hope for as a company. That is why we give you 4 tips on how to create an Omni-Experience strategy!

4 tips for creating an Omni strategy

Focus on the end user

The secret to successful customer retention lies in a customer approach that delivers a reliable and consistent experience. Today's customers are all too familiar with the benefits that new technology can bring. It is important to focus on the wishes and requirements of your end users at all times.

Rethink your business process

Make sure you work predictively instead of reactively. Research from IDC shows that only 30% of manufacturing companies in Europe have plans to adapt, personalize or improve their products as part of their service life cycle. That means the other 70% of manufacturing companies have to consider whether to follow their competitors or lag behind. As customers increasingly expect service from companies, it is wise to rethink your business processes and assess where they can be improved. We can support you in improving (and digitizing) various business processes. View our various services here.

Review your technology infrastructure

Don't underestimate the value of data analytics! Especially the role it plays in optimizing your customer engagement. It doesn't matter whether it concerns insight into event results, adjusting price structures for products and services or identifying the best offers. Your existing customers are a source of valuable information for both your current and future (strategic) planning. That is why it is important to take a good look at how your technology infrastructure works and in which areas more can be achieved.

Get interactive

Salesforce's Customer 360 Platform helps you build custom mobile apps, create online experiences, and share data across trusted networks, providing an infinite variety of interactive possibilities between customers, partners, employees, and connected products.
In addition, the platform can also ensure that you as a company can reach new customers through digitized and personalized marketing, in addition to traditional advertising media.

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