Intigris plays a key role in driving the growth of 365zon

We had a conversation with 365zon regarding the implementations that began 5 years ago. We had the opportunity to support 365zon in implementing a range of Salesforce solutions. 365zon specializes in the sustainable transformation of homes and buildings through the installation of solar panels. With nearly 9 years of experience, they have achieved remarkable growth over the years.

365Zon Case

The challenge

Selecting the right Field Service Solution

After securing a significant contract, 365zon shifted its focus towards optimizing their field service operations. Recognizing the need for a centralized system that could seamlessly integrate with their ERP system (AFAS), the director highlighted the importance of creating stronger connections within their systems. The goal was clear: to keep pace with the company's growth.

In their pursuit of a comprehensive field service solution, 365zon made a strategic decision. They chose FieldBuddy, a powerful solution developed on the Salesforce platform, which proved to be the differentiating factor. The unique advantage offered by FieldBuddy set it apart from other providers in the market. This partnership not only provided 365zon with an efficient field service solution but also established Intigris as their trusted development partner for fulfilling their specific Salesforce requirements. The challenge for 365zon was addressed by choosing FieldBuddy as their field service solution.

The Solution

Transforming 365zon's Operations

At 365zon, we began our journey by prioritizing the implementation of FieldBuddy to enhance their field service operations. With remarkable efficiency, the FieldBuddy system was seamlessly integrated, propelling them towards optimized service delivery. Building upon this success, we swiftly moved forward to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud. Our invaluable expertise ensured a smooth transition, empowering their sales team to thrive. To further enhance their capabilities and create a holistic customer experience, we successfully integrated Pardot, Formstack, Salesforce Service Cloud, and Digital Engagement into their ecosystem.

These powerful tools complement each other, enabling them to streamline our processes, drive customer engagement, and deliver exceptional service. Our shared commitment to continuous improvement and innovation has let us in implementing these comprehensive solutions. "We are proud to have collaborated with Intigris, a trusted partner, on this transformative journey. Together, we have set a new standard for excellence in field service and customer engagement." mentions the director of 366zon.

The Results

Unleashing Growth and Efficiency: The Impact of Salesforce on 365zon


365zon has experienced significant growth in recent years, and their business landscape is completely different from six years ago. The volumes they now deal with would have been impossible to handle with the old solution. "We could never have achieved such growth without Salesforce," adds the director. They have rapidly scaled up operations and continue to evolve. It is crucial for them to ensure that their solutions grow alongside them in a rapidly changing environment.


All the systems used by 365zon can now be accessed and utilized from a central platform. This provides a comprehensive overview and allows for more efficient operations. With the high volumes they handle, maintaining an overview is of utmost importance.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The platform offers extensive capabilities, thanks to the inclusion of the latest technological advancements. This is particularly beneficial for 365zon, as they do not have a massive IT department. The Salesforce platform easily integrates with the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, intelligent planning tools, capacity planning, and productivity tools. "Developing all of this in-house would be virtually impossible. With Salesforce, you have access to everything in its latest form," says the director.

Increased Efficiency

365zon can now work much faster than before. As their growth accelerated, it became crucial to improve efficiency. Digitalization has enabled them to process the increasing demand more effectively.