The fast-growing WeTransfer opted for Intigris

5 years ago we welcomed WeTransfer as a new Intigris customer. WeTransfer is a Dutch down and upload service with which large files of up to twenty gigabytes can be sent. It is a very fast growing company and a lot has changed over the years. Both within the company and within the Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation.

Wetransfer Case

The Challenge

Navigating Growth and Insight: WeTransfer's Salesforce Transformation

Before approaching us, WeTransfer relied heavily on Excel. "Using separate sheets for everything wasn't really working out," Mathieu explains. Over the years, WeTransfer experienced significant growth, and the need for insights and data became crucial. "It became increasingly important for us to see where we stood and what we were working on, to steer everything in the right direction. That's why we started searching for a solution," Mathieu explains. It was quickly decided that Salesforce would be the solution of choice. WeTransfer opted for Salesforce Sales Cloud. Over the years, there have been many changes in terms of implementation, collaboration, and companies involved.

Wetransfer Salesforce Case

"Through new automations and data cleanup, we have taken another step forward!"

The Collaboration

Synergy and Targeted Support

"We can definitely say that we have a pleasant collaboration at the moment," Mathieu says. Earlier this year, it was decided to work on specific projects, allowing a focused approach to solving the problems to make it easier for both the team and the users. "We work with a roadmap and provide regular updates to each other. This ensures that everyone is aware of what we are working on. Communication is open, direct, and relaxed," Mathieu continues. Working with a dedicated consultant also proves to be beneficial for WeTransfer. It allows them to have targeted discussions on specific topics and make progress more quickly. "If users encounter issues, they can contact Intigris directly."

Wetransfer Salesforce Case

The Results

Streamlining Processes and Unleashing Insights at WeTransfer

One of the results of the implementation for WeTransfer is a significant improvement in the order-to-cash process. Initially, it was from Salesforce to Exact Online, but now it goes from Salesforce to NetSuite. This means automatic invoicing, whereas before, it had to be done manually. The current time savings with Salesforce Sales Cloud are mainly seen in our finance department. We are now focusing on improving dashboards and reports for sales, which will provide more insights. "Through new automations and data cleanup, we have taken another step forward. For example, invoicing is now automated, and the system provides alerts if something is missing or not filled in correctly. Projects are also not in short supply," Mathieu adds.